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Inspired by cultures in petri dishes,

the logo represents different cultures redefining and recreating each other through interaction.

The presence of four cultures is representative of the Four Core Principles of IRACDA 2019: Mentorship, Teaching, Research, and Diversity (with an added emphasis on inclusivity as without it, diversity would be little different from segregation).

This theme of four elements also ties into the identity of Michigan, a four-season state, surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes.

The IRACDA Biomedical Conference 

is held annually at one of its various partner campuses.

IRACDA’s mission is to facilitate the growth of future scientist-teachers through mentorship in research and teaching. IRACDA differs from traditional mentorship programs in that it values diversity and inclusion and supports underrepresented people via partnerships with local institutions, through which

the awardees and members will develop teaching skills. Although professionalism is maintained, the program and the experiences had throughout it allows the members to form a closely-knit community that is akin to family.

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